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Sensei H. James Young

About Youngsan Karate in Centreville, MD

Meet Sensei H. James Young

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Youngsan Karate in Centreville
Black Belt

We teach traditional martial arts in the style of Goju Ryu for all ages helping to develop self-confidence, boosted physical fitness, and respect through self-defense training.

The sky is the limit in what you can do, but you have to get started first. Are you a competitor wanting to change things up, looking for kid friendly fitness, or hoping to get into better shape just for yourself?

Since we teach traditional martial arts, we have traditional values to help guide your goals. Some of the values we stand behind to make sure you and your family have the best experience possible with us are below.

Value #1: We believe "You Will Never Possess What You Are Unwilling To Pursue ".

It's the tone we set for the school so students work hard and really appreciate all that they have accomplished.

Old school methods of training combine with new science methods to progressively get you to the next level. Whatever, your goal is we will work hard to help you.

Classes, which are based strictly upon discipline, respect, attitude, and focus. The most successful students follow these requirements. Our passionate and caring instructors know how to light a fire under the students in a positive way for maximum results.

Value #2: Changing One Life at a Time - we are our community, we are a family.

Everyone who enters the dojo (school) is greeted with a smile, enthusiasm, warmness, and respect. We believe in family togetherness and helping the community as well.

Many of our programs cater towards being able to defend yourself and your family. Our most popular programs include:

  • Basic Self Defense
  • Sexual Assault & Bully Prevention
  • Pressure/Nerve Point Self Defense
  • Wheelchair Self Defense
  • Weapons Self Defense
  • Basic Swords Training
  • The "Pink Warriors " Program for Females (16 & up)

The school also participates in community work such as donations to select women's shelters in the Dover, Delaware area offering free classes to the women and young men in residence.

Value #3: Train-Teach-Train ensures leaders are created.

Our karate training is to prepare you for tournament competition, and ultimately for the "streets " in your life's path. Hopefully, you won't have to engage in "fighting " on the streets, but the situation arises you will have the tools to defend yourself.

The Goju Fitness Program is a bit different and uses unique techniques to develop your strength, flexibility, and cardio.

Both paths follow a simple rule: you will never have orders barked at you. We want to make sure you know why you are doing a movement or new technique. It's the best (and fastest!) way to learn.

Student training starts as young as 4 years old with the intentions of developing young minds and bodies for successful paths on their journey. Parents and teens are encouraged to train as well and all classes focus on attitude, focus, physical conditioning, humility, respect, and discipline.

At Youngsan Karate we're a family dojo and have fun training! We're positive in our thinking and look forward to working with you soon!


Sensei Young is a Hall of Fame US Alliance Nominee and Inductee in 2012, and America Martial Arts Alliance Hall of Fame Inductee Who's Who Legends Award -2015. Has won various 1st Place awards in empty hand kata (forms), and weapons kata with a Grand Championship in weapons. By the way, the tournament circuit knows him as "Quietstorm ".

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